Freedom Of Speech, Responsible Speech

Freedom Of Speech, Responsible Speech

This poem emphasizes the importance of free speech, but also warns of the folly of foolish speech.  To be responsible with one's words is very important.  It warns about the danger of speaking in an untoward fashion, lies, evil, cursing, raucous noise, vitriol, or slander.  Freedom of speech ought to always be truthful and artful speech.  Anybody can pour out cheap words without thought.   (continued below) 

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Freedom Of Speech, Responsible Speech,  20 lines

(continued from above)   The fourth couplet reads:   "It's better to keep one's mouth shut than to utter lies,   To spew forth such vitriol, raucous noise, and cursing,   E' en a fool when he holds his peace is consider'd wise,   Instead of pouring forth cheap words ~ vain thoughts disbursing."   We must all give an accounting of every idle word which we speak one day,  therefore it is wise to think before one speaks.   Beware the rabble rouser speaking to the emotions and not the mind!