Punishing Success And Cheering Failure

Punishing Success And Cheering Failure

This poem shines the light on the "politically correct" negatives that impede proper incentives and success.  To make the playing field level,  is to reward and encourage sloth. Lifting up the lazy and pulling down the diligent is in no way a true reflection of truth or life.   To  seek to make all equal, both the diligent and the shirker is a faulty fount.    Things that are different can never be the same.   (continued below) 

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Punishing Success And Cheering Failure,  2 pages, 40 lines

(continued from above)   Human choices,  either bless or curse,  build or tear down.    The fourth couplet reads:    "Punishing those that succeed,  Is a crazy thing to do,   Seeking hard work to impede,   Is a folly - fraught- fake view."    Modern day thinking is cursed by political correctness and psychobabble to say the least.   Hard work is the way to succeed.