Please Keep Fighting For My Life

Please Keep Fighting For My Life

This poem is a plea from the baby inside the womb, expressing what he or she would say if they could speak, upon the day of conception. Sadly, the safety of the pristine nursery, called the womb, has become a dangerous place to be since 1973, because of the wicked Warren Supreme Court initially.  To legalize murder of infants  (continued below)  

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Please Keep Fighting For My Life,  24 lines

(continued from above)   is tantamount to Herod's slaughter the innocents of his day,   or Hitler murdering the aged and infirm.   Millions have been murdered and as a nation,   we bear this scourge and blight.   The closing couplet says:   "Oh, will you not now weep,   Those who bring death to me,  How can you even sleep,   When you're so blood-guilty."   May God be pleased to give this poem a vast and rapid circulation that we may help these innocents in this ongoing scourge and holocaust.