Afraid To Teach True History

Afraid To Teach True History

This  POEM  defends  the teaching  of true history  and disdains the folly of revisionist history in it's vain effort to be "politically correct."  The poem states that history is a written down account  of events  that took place for our learning.  To repeat  what  is  good  and  to repent  of  what  is  not.  Each successive generation should build  upon  the  previous ~ compile the good, discard the devious.    (continued below)

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Afraid To Teach True History,  2 pages,  32 lines

(continued from above)     It teaches that the majority ought to speak out against  the "Politically Correct" agenda  of these vain,  so called professors.    The 6th couplet says:   "The "Politically Correct,"    Agendas of many vain men,    Ought the populace just reject,    And speak out ~ by word, song, and pen."    Also cited,  as the 8th couplet,  in the poem:   "Be a student of history,"    Said ~ England's great Winston Churchill,    To be the leader one ought to be,    His answer ~ a query ~ to fill."    The  last  line  makes  the  appeal:     "Its  time  to  steward  Liberty."   

Editor's note:   America  is  an  exceptional  nation,  and  ought  not  have  leaders  go  on  apology  tours.