The Empty Plate

The Empty Plate

This poem is written in honor of those Missing In Action (MIA), and for those precious families that abide in hope that their loved one is still alive,  and still will come home.   The setting of an empty plate at the dinner table is done by many, in honor,  signifying the place of their loved one.           (continued below)

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The Empty Plate,  20 lines

(continued from above)     Additionally,  signifying  the welcome fellowship,  they will receive when they return.    Also,  the poem mentions,  as a  memorial,  an empty plate is placed in perpetuity,  to honor their fallen soldier/loved one.    The fourth couplet reads:   "Believing in hope against hopelessness,   With a tenacious determination,   Their abiding love each day did impress,   Thus casting off any consternation."   We salute and pray for our military,  our MIA's,  and their family members.    Because of their sacrifice,  we enjoy our freedoms.  

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