This poem is written from the viewpoint of the real person within the womb, that has been given life upon conception. Though not yet able to think or speak, all of these are already alive and well.  Just needs time to develop and grow.  Very strongly written in defense of life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness forthcoming. (continued at length below)  

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OH HAPPY DAY,  I HAVE LIFE,  4 pages,  56 lines

(continued from above)   The poem gives the babe within,  the opportunity to speak about its feelings,  and dreams about the future,  once making its debut into the world outside of the womb.  It allows for the cheerful musings and deep fears of the babe to be heard.    The 5th couplet says:   "I have been entrusted to you ~ to care for me Mother,   Please be sure to take care of your body and keep it fit,   I will try not to be too much trouble or a bother,   Though I will most likely disrupt your schedule quite a bit."    The 7th couplet states:   "I'll try to be patient ~ many changes to undergo,   I am so eager though,  to take my final pre-birth shape,   All that I am is already here ~ just needs time to grow,   I hope that nothing will intrude my safe placental drape."   The 10th couplet says:   "This is just my first day of life inside your special womb,   Though technically now,  I am not able to think,   It is said that this safe nursery has become a tomb,   For many have legalized murder in blood - red- ink."    The 12th couplet appeals:   "Please, dear Mother,  allow me to take my completed shape,  Please let me fulfill the purpose for which I am given,   Please let nothing that's destructive  my tranquility rape,   Please allow nothing my unformed-substance to be riven."    The poem closes with this added appeal:    "I want to breath my first actual lively,  vibrant breath,    I would like to also express my first disruptive cry,   Please positively choose life for me,  and not choose my death,   Mother,  let me live,  and allow nothing,  to let me die."    May this poem receive swift and vast circulation that we may help these precious never dying souls to have life.    

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