Back Home From War, But Barely Alive

Back Home From War, But Barely Alive

This poem reveals the thinking of many of our brave combat veterans who have come back home.  It reveals the ever so real  discouragement and helplessness many feel, which they carry within their hearts.  It tells how the deep memories make many a scar.  Daily traumas grip the soul and discourage their goals.  (continued below)

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Back Home From War,  But Barely Alive,  20 lines

(continued from above)    The poem closes:    "Oh, if someone cared,   Oh, if someone knew,   Oh, if someone dared,   To carry me through."   Though these brave veterans are some of America's best,  the brutal images of war  can easily cripple their emotions.    Wounded in the mind,  soldiers coming home  need time  to  readjust.   They need  and  appreciate  words of gratitude,  encouragement,  and kindness.    Take time to say thanks!     We salute our brave military! 

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