Understandable Acrimony, Of Our Vietnam Veterans

Understandable Acrimony, Of Our Vietnam Veterans

This POEM is a defense of our Vietnam  Veterans  for  their noble service while liberal news agencies,  weak governmental appeasers,  and  Hanoi  Jane, did their  level best (worst)  to undermine  their  noble,  vital,  and brave service rendered.  It rebukes Hanoi Jane's hypocrisy and  aiding  and  abetting  the enemy by speaking against the war in the enemy's camp while our men were in the field. (continued below)

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Understandable  Acrimony,  Of  Our  Vietnam  Veterans,  20 lines

(continued from above)      The Poem closes :    "We empathize with our veterans all the way,    For they stopped living their normal lives to fight,    Many a good man never came back from the fray,    We honor each of them for their courage so bright."    

Editor's note:   Our Vietnam Veterans  have every right  to hold their heads up high.   They won over and over again,  while silly politicians,  liberal news medias,  and Hanoi Jane,  et al,  sought to tie their hands!   

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