The Mayflower Compact, In Poetic Verse

The Mayflower Compact, In Poetic Verse

This poem takes the words of The Mayflower Compact  and weaves them into a lovely, poetic rendition of the same,  It captures carefully each detail. It magnifies  their faith in God, their  intents, and their purpose of their voyage across the sea.   We trust true historians, and all lovers of liberty, will enjoy this poem immensely.   It will help any student learn, enjoy, and appreciate    The Mayflower Compact  anew.                  (continued below)

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The Mayflower Compact, In Poetic Verse,  2 pages,  36 lines

The Mayflower Compact was signed by the Pilgrims on the Mayflower after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, signed Saturday, November 21, 1620.  Each of them signed it to declare their agreement and steadfast adherence to what it said.  In essence, the Pilgrims by signing this document  and selecting their own governor from among themselves were already practicing self-government,  the true American way!   We trust that this poem will receive a wonderful reception  among true historians and lovers of liberty.   These two pages were a lovely and gratifying work to write.    

*Your author's grandmother was part of the Mayflower Society, and is related to one who signed.