Better To Take Out A Combatant, Than Present A Widow A Flag

Better To Take Out A Combatant, Than Present A Widow A Flag

Our American sniper is a very valuable asset  to the safety of our troops,  as well as  a deadly force for good  against willful combatants  set on killing our soldiers.   This poem expresses the patriotism of our U.S. Military  as standard bearers  of the Red, White, and Blue!   It elevates  the sniper's  job, training, discipline,  courage,  skill,  integrity,  vigilance,  and value.         (continued below)

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Better To Take Out A Combatant,  Than Present A Widow A Flag,  2 pages,  36 lines

(continued from above)     It is a defense against the blind rant of appeasers and pacifists that condemn the American sniper's  vital, noble, and courageous work.  The 8th couplet reads:    "We salute the military sniper,    They do an unpleasant, but needed task,   Though blind liberals rant and are hyper,    They stand tall  and need not to wear a mask."    It closes as follows:   "They have been used to save many lives,   Against the real threat of evildoers,   Because of their expertise freedom thrives,   They've endured the dregs and the sewers."   We hold in highest esteem these brave, skilled, and courageous fighting men!      Please see our 3 other poems in defense of our snipers under the numbers:  PL2576,  PL2578,  PL2580.