Snipers, Cowards Never!!!

Snipers, Cowards Never!!!

This poem is a rebuke against the blinded critics of the skilled American sniper!  To call them cowards is oxymoronic and mindless.  The  5th couplet states:  They mock things they do not know,  Theirs is a liberal view,  In vanity do they sow, They bear not an honest hue." There is not enough good that can be said of the American sniper.  (continued below)

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Snipers,  Cowards  Never!!!,   2 pages,   28 lines

(continued from above)    Our snipers are highly trained, qualified, intelligent, and deeply compassionate.  The silly sentimentalist and pacifist does not comprehend justice and the crucible of war.   The poem closes by saying:    "Saying,  "Snipers are cowards,"    Shows they understand nothing,   With their words they're untowards,   Theirs is a bell that won't ring."    Our snipers are very courageous and highly disciplined!    We have a deep admiration and respect for them!   Please see our other three poems in defense of snipers under the numbers:   PL2574 ,  PL2578,  and  PL2580