The Sniper's Vital, Most Courageous Stance

The Sniper's Vital, Most Courageous Stance

This poem tells of the importance of the American sniper's mission.   To protect our combat soldiers  as part of the vital team effort  and to seek and destroy the enemy combatant.   It elevates his integrity and decision making as governed by both  discipline and  solid doctrine.   He is under authority,  never negating responsibility,  not a rogue or vigilante.  (continued below) 

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The Sniper's Vital,  Most Courageous Stance,  2 pages,  40 lines

(continued from above)    This poem is also a defense against  the uneducated scorning by some.  The 9th couplet says:   "The sniper's vital, most courageous stance,   Should never be termed as "cowardice,"   His skill, the mission, does greatly enhance,   Such rhetoric has a serpentine hiss."    It closes with the following words:   "His duties done ~ allows the critics to rant,   The fruits of his labors gives liberty,   Freedom of speech ~ even irrelevant,   He has become for them a surety."   He defends the right of all to speak, though what all speak is not right.  We salute our keenly disciplined American sniper!   

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