George Washington, America's Great Leader

George Washington, America's Great Leader

This poem details the true and strong character of the beloved George Washington, America's great leader and first President.   It is saturated with historical facts,  with his moral integrity,  with his unceasing patriotism,  with his true piety, with his indefatigable spirit, and so much more.   His life as a leader is worthy of earnest study.   Each couplet has a repeating rhyme within. (continued below) 

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George Washington,  America's Great Leader,  4 pages,  84 lines

(continued from above)      The 4th couplet reads:   "Criticized openly for each supposed fault and wrong,   Slandered by those to whom he did previously belong,   Misrepresented by many of those among his own throng,   He prodded faithfully ahead and kept singing freedom's song." The 11th couplet shows:  "As a man on his face bowed down, knew how to press the dawn,   He stayed upon his knees when all hope seemed to be gone,  Believing that men were so much more than a mere clutched pawn,   He uncompromisingly and decidedly still fought on."   The 16th couplet queries:  "Who's this indefatigable man named George Washington,   Who was this that honored his mother, this obedient son,   Who was this that never quit but labored until it was done,   Who was this that stayed the course 'til he had finally won."    The 21st couplet closes the poem as follows:   "Chosen ~ Prepared by providential hand ~ By God alone,   He who knows the events of history and rules from His throne,   To bring the light and times of that Nation that for Him has shone,   As a strong lighthouse built firmly upon the unfailing Stone."    Rarely is found the depths of such character that was displayed in his life,  called the Father of his Country!