The Big Bang Parody

The Big Bang Parody

This poem takes the reader into the realm of logic to see the impossibility of this poem itself being a by-product of a convulsive event and being left in "perfect" order, design, logic, and truly scientific.  An author would be plausible and quite natural.  It could not come about on its own or by chance. It mocks evolution in this way. (continued below)   

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The Big Bang Parody,  24 lines

(continued from above)    It shows how foolish it is to think that such a splendid universe could exist without design and a Designer.   Divine design dear reader.    Please help us  to get this poem  and many others out  to stir  and guide  many hearts  towards the truth  of true science,  and therefore,  true faith in our great Creator,  Redeemer,  and Friend,    Purchase,  enjoy,  and  promote.   Thanks!

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