The 9/11 Terrorists, Are Still Burning In Hell

The 9/11 Terrorists, Are Still Burning In Hell

This poem is written as a true reality check against such blindness and evil, that so motivated  the  9/11 terrorists,   to  perpetrate  such murder, mayhem,  and wickedness! It rightly labels them for who and what they are, and plainly tells where they are and will spend eternity.           

 (continued below)

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The 9/11 Terrorists,  Are Still Burning In Hell,  2 pages,  32 lines

(continued from above)     The 5th couplet exclaims:   "Their beliefs based on hatred,   As an envious spoiled child,   Through their vicious doctrines were bred,   To produce and condone what's wild."    The 6th couplet continues:   "Whether in ignorance or not,   They had a volitional choice,   They yielded to the devil's thought,   To their rebellion they gave voice."    The poem closes stating that they will forever scream and burn in Hell,  and relive the terror that they did.  In Hell,  they will forever go insane,  and be unable to hide  from the vengeance  of Almighty God.