The Slug Dropped The Thug

The Slug Dropped The Thug

This poem is written to elevate,  honor, and to praise the Second Amendment!   It is  our Constitutional right to bear arms.   Every law-abiding citizen has the right of bearing arms (self protection). A wise,  armed,  proficient shooter   makes the difference. Also  to guard against the thief and looter is a proper stance. The poem mentions these and more.         (continued below) 

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The Slug Dropped The Thug,  20 lines

(continued from above)     See also our poem:  PL1797  "Better Twelve To Judge,  Than Six To Carry" 

The Second Amendment  of the United States Constitution  reads:   "A well regulated Militia,  being necessary to the security  of a free State,  the right of the people  to keep  and  bear Arms,  shall not be infringed."