So Called Gun Free Zones, Are Magnets For Shootings

So Called Gun Free Zones, Are Magnets For Shootings

This poem begins with the establishment of the right of law abiding citizens to bear arms in accordance with the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  It then states that we must be vigilant to steward and defend our great Constitution and liberty.  It then addresses the current atmosphere so corrupting American cities with liberal ideas of making people "safe."   (continued below)

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So Called Gun Free Zones,  Are Magnets For Shootings,  2 pages,  32 lines

(continued from above)     The  setting  up  of  so-called,  "Gun  - Free  -  Zones"  is  an  offense  to  every  patriotic  American.   The poem addresses  this and continues  the lament of leaving  Americans  defenseless  when criminals  (or terrorists),  seek a ready target.  This not only leaves Americans defenseless ,  it advertises  to the vile person(s)  where it is more opportune  to do their wickedness  and not  easily get shot.   The 7th couplet states:   "To leave Americans so defenseless,    And to advertise to the criminal,    Is just asking for trouble to address,   And then say,  the gun's the problem,  withal."   This does nothing to help safety,  but everything to leave Americans  open  to  much harm.   Please help us to get this poem out to many.   Thanks.