Priceless Destiny Of Freedom

Priceless Destiny Of Freedom

This poem outlines the hand of Providence under-girding the Patriots in the American Revolution.   Freedom's divinely wrought saga and eternal destiny planned.  Victory was the lasting solution for America to be free, and for it  to be framed and upheld by Constitution.               (continued below)  

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Priceless Destiny Of Freedom,  20 lines

(continued from above)    The fourth couplet reads:   "Upheld by our Constitution,   Priceless document of freedom,   Liberty's lasting solution,  Wrought by men with God's sure wisdom."   A true rendezvous with destiny.   From Monarchy to a Constitutional Republic.    

This poem framed would make a splendid gift for any of any age.  We trust it will receive wide circulation and stir many hearts for our exceptional Nation.