Wounded In The Mind, Special Thanks To Our Veterans

Wounded In The Mind, Special Thanks To Our Veterans

This poem highlights the trauma of what soldiers who have been to war experience sometimes on a daily basis. Their wounds go much deeper than a physical wound, and will be with them throughout their lives.  They have been wounded in the mind.  What they have seen, heard, experienced, yea endured stays with them and can taunt them.          

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Wounded In The Mind,  Special Thanks To Our Veterans,   7 pages,  80 lines   

(continued from above)    We  appreciate  those  soldiers,  airmen,  sailors,  and  marines,  who  went  to  war  to  fight,  and  who  came  back  home. Whether physically wounded or not,  all to some degree,  have wounded minds,  and are still wounded in the mind!    The poem closes:    "The scars that you bear,   In body and mind,   About you we care,   You're a gem to find"    Our undying thanks!    We  trust  this  poem  will  receive  a  large circulation  and  become  a  great  encouragement  to  our  wounded  warriors,  and  all  combat  soldiers,  airmen,  sailors,  and  marines  who  have  been  wounded  in  the mind.   We want to be a help to these who defended and defend our freedoms which we enjoy.

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