A Salute To The Victors

A Salute To The Victors

This poem is written to give the appropriate honor and respect to the Vietnam Veteran who did a most noble and thorough task in subduing the enemy in the field on his own ground. The war was won over and over again, but given away by politicians and a complicit liberal media who willfully painted our soldiers in an unfavorable light.  (continued below)

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A Salute To The Victors,  2 pages, 40 lines 

(continued from above)   Those who fought the war know the truth and mettle of our victorious soldiers!  The fifth couplet says:  "The war was won by you all o'er and o'er,   Although those politicians of your day,   Kept wasting your good work...made it a chore,  Their appeasement kept getting in the way."   We salute you, Vietnam Veteran!

PL2542   "A Salute To The Victors,"   is  a  Black  &  White  version  of  this  poem.