The Heart Of All Eternity, CHRIST

The Heart Of All Eternity, CHRIST

This poem recognizes and gives the elevated place to the Lord Jesus Christ that is rightfully His alone.  He is high above all principalities and powers.  He is the center of everything right.  By Him all things consist.  In Him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  The poem opens:  with Who He is, and His true  benevolent care  to all of man. It then shifts to the fullness of time   (continued below)

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The Heart Of All Eternity, CHRIST,  3 pages,  40 lines

(continued from above)   to meet man's greatest need of redemption.    The 6th couplet says:   "Now to remember man in his need,   His Son would come one day to die,   God promised redemption's pure Seed,    Oh, this day ~ when Both of Them did cry."   The 7th couplet continues:   "Heaven's tears for a time brought earth's joy,   The fullness of time finally came,   Now Jesus came the foe to destroy,    To win us back He took all of our shame."   The poem in the next two couplets focuses on that frozen moment of time when Each no doubt looked at Each other  and wept eternal tears.  Then Christ is sent to a virgin's womb to become a Man.  The God/Man.  Fully Deity, fully Man (without sin).    The Poem closes:   "Christ ~ the heart of all eternity,   Yes, the perfect center of it all,   When He came to die for you and me,   To pay for redemption from our fall."    We trust that many will be blessed by our deep Scriptural musings.   There is none greater than our triumphant Lord,  who paid our sin debt  on the cross  through His blood.  Then victoriously arose!  

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