A Note To "Mr. Sanity" ~ (Encouragement Amidst A World Gone Crazy)

A Note To "Mr. Sanity" ~ (Encouragement Amidst A World Gone Crazy)

This  POEM  is  written  to praise those who have lived by right principles,  and character based decisions all of their life. They have not changed, do not change,  and will  not change from the truths they have held dear and know to be true. They are the anchor of the American way of life,  of faith, of dignity, of  standing their  firm  ground regardless  of  the  way  the winds blow!  They  have stood the many  tests  of  time!   (continued below)

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A Note To "Mr. Sanity" ~ (Encouragement Amidst A World Gone Crazy),  2 pages,  32 lines

(continued from above)     We  salute  those  who  do  this,  when  it  is  found  in  the  way  of  right.    The fourth couplet states:   "You still walk and faithfully maintain your gait,    You keep diligently to the task at hand,    You're always on time and you are never late,    On principles you formidably do stand."     The 5th  couplet  continues  with  words  of  praise,   while  the  6th  and  7th  couplets  give  a contrast  of  the  crazy  people  pushing their  agendas.    The poem  closes:   "So, a good hearty word of praise is now due,     Because you have not once "caved in" or changed,     It is most certainly a contrasted hue,     Between the sane and the many deranged."     This  poem  would  make  a  wonderful  gift  to  those  who  hold  fast their  stand,  as  well  as  a  great challenge  to  all,  not  to  change,  once  they  know  and  have  the  truth.