Repair The Rudder, Remove The Udder

Repair The Rudder, Remove The Udder

This poem likens our beloved America, a Constitutional Republic, as a massive ship that needs its rudder repaired to sail in the right direction of limited government, not twisting socialistic deception and indebtedness.  It calls the present stance an insanity, and if no one does anything about it our nation could fall.  It tells Americans to repair the rudder (direction) and vote out the helmsman that is untrue. (continued below)

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Repair The Rudder, Remove The Udder,  20 lines

(continued from above)    The fourth couplet states:    "Repair the rudder and vote out the helmsman untrue,    Helmsman-ship is a matter of wisdom and much skill,    Not for an ignorant or willful helmsman and crew,    Who run right into an iceberg of terror and ill."     The rudder needs to line up with the Constitution,  and the helmsman  needs to hold that course.   Trust you will enjoy  and that this poem  may stir many hearts  for what we need.