Diabolical Decadence, Or Divine Design

Diabolical Decadence, Or Divine Design

This poem tells the true facts of history.  It tells of the fall of man to sin in the garden to the devil's diabolical wiles, about six literal days of creation, and about the ongoing diabolical decadence that continues on in the earth to blind mankind.  It tells of God's redemption of man.  (continued below) 

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Diabolical Decadence, Or Divine Design,  24 lines

(continued from above)   It closes,  "Until the Lord comes back again to this earth,   Diabolical decadence does go on,   Each man is in need of the divine new birth,   Lest his life become no more than a mere pawn."   Which one for you;  diabolical decadence,  or divine design?