***DOWNLOAD IS FREE!***                  This poem is self- explanatory!  "Hope ever has special meaning, It always causes one to hope, From its reservoirs e'er gleaning, 'Tis surely the right way to cope." Through all of life's twists and turns, hope remains a faithful anchor to the soul.  If there is always hope, then life goes on. It's when folks lose hope that dreams and life dies.  (continued below)     


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(continued from above)    Hold on to hope,  and when your hope seems to die,  hope again.   The resilience of hope is ever true.   If you awake,  life has been extended  through God's  love,  mercy,  and grace.    "His steadfast love never ceases,     His mercies continue to flow,     Though one's own life is in pieces,     They're new every morning to know."    It  is  wise  to  seek  Him,  and  to  glean  His  wisdom  and  will.   To have eternal  life is the greatest hope of all.   It is not a  "blind hope"  because God  has promised  in His Word.   It  is  called  HOPE  in anticipation  of a fact  to  those  who  have  believed     Feel  free  to freely  share  this  poem  with  others  in  its  entirety.