Senator Marco Rubio, A Clarion Call, Yielding His All

Senator Marco Rubio, A Clarion Call ~ Yielding His All

This poem is an editorial of the speech given by Senator Marco Rubio, presenting himself as a candidate for the Republican Party,   for  President  of  the United  States.    The  son  of Cuban immigrants,   Senator Rubio  gave  his  passionate speech from  the  Freedom Tower,  a  Cuban-American emblem.  "To me, it's symbolic of  the promise  of America," said  Senator Marco Rubio.      (continued below)

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Senator Marco Rubio, A Clarion Call ~ Yielding His All,  2 pages,  40 lines     *The Poem is shaped, on both sides, like the Liberty Bell.

(continued from above)     The poem highlights his speech and demeanor.    The sixth couplet states:    "He spoke boldly on a big scale,    About America's greatness,    To withdrawal must never prevail,    Our strength for good ~ the world must bless."     The eight couplet continues:    "Portraying a maturity,    Well beyond the years of his life,    Speaking with true sincerity,    Naught of cheap clamor or vain strife."    The poem closes:    "No longer look to yesterday,    For yesterday is ever past,    To look forward to a new day,    To the Constitution at last."     We  trust  that  many  will  purchase  this  poem  and  be stirred  about America's  greatness  and  exceptionalism.    It  is  again  portrayed,  in  this  noble  and  good  man,  and  his  life's  story.    Great heart-stirring speech!

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