He Was Rich

He Was Rich

This poem spends the first portion contrasting what Jesus gave up and what He took upon Himself in exchange.  It magnifies His greatness and love.   It shows God's great mercy and grace, and gives a clear presentation of the Gospel message.  It also invites the reader to accept Him as their Savior.  It is a good witnessing tool.          (continued below)

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He Was Rich,  2 pages, 36 lines

(continued from above)      The 4th couplet declares:    "Such divine love,  mercy,  and amazing grace,   Not among the men on earth to thus be found,    Our full sin debt did our Savior take and face,   By our sins and transgressions willingly bound."    The 5th couplet continues:   "He paid the awful cost and great sacrifice,   Our eternal death sentence did He fulfill,   With His perfect precious blood He paid the price,    He came down from Heaven ~ did His Father's will." 

We trust that this poem will receive wide circulation, encourage many to know Him, and bring Him glory.