The Unnamed Martyrs Of Our Country

The Unnamed Martyrs Of Our Country

This poem is written in defense of innocent babies in the womb that are being murdered every day since the Warren court upheld such barbarism and brutality.  Millions upon millions would be considered a holocaust ongoing in our beloved America.  It mentions that many women have been deceived by others to their own anguish afterwards.  There is mercy available for such repentant hearts.       (continued below)  

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The Unnamed Martyrs Of Our Country,  2 pages, 36 lines, 

(continued from above)  Others must face condemnation for their dastardly deed.   The seventh couplet reads:   "Bloody hands dripping throughout our nation,   Of those who profit from this depraved act,   To murder each God given creation,   Is the pure truth and scientific fact."    May God be pleased to give this poem vast and speedy circulation to help the cause of life.   Please help us spread the word.  Thank you.

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