Our MIA Vets, Never To Forget

Our MIA Vets, Never To Forget

This poem is a reminder to not forget our soldiers that are missing in action,  MIA.  It reminds each of us never to cease to call their names in prayer ~ for God's grace and strength.  It closes:  "We long for the great day,  When you come marching home,  Never more in dismay,  Never more to thus roam."   With profound gratitude, we  most  heartily salute our veterans,  POW's, and MIA's!   Never to forget!       (continued below)  

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Our MIA Vets, Never To Forget,  20 lines

(continued from above)       Our veterans  who have served in combat  should be held  in the highest esteem!    This  poem,  we  believe, framed  on  many  a wall  or desk, would  help  to  keep  our  MIA's,  evermore  so,  in  the  minds  of  folks  to  remember.

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