America ~R.I.P.?, Which R.I.P. ~ Will We Choose

America ~ R.I.P.?, Which R.I.P. ~ Will We Choose

This POEM  is written  with the R.I.P. epitaph in it's title  as our beloved America is tottering on the brink  of  annihilation.  The familiar  acronym  is  used  to challenge  us  to  choose  a resurgence  in  the  R.I.P.'s we have selected toward recovery and  prosperity.   These  are Reverence  In  Providence, Resurrection  In  Piety, Resurgence  In  Patriotism, Reinvesting  In  Potential, Revitalized  In  Practicality, and Renewal In Personal treatment (continued below)  

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America ~ R.I.P.?,  Which R.I.P. ~ Will We Choose,  24 lines

(continued from above)      of others.   Each couplet  is a small exposition  and  challenge  of the stated R.I.P.    Hopefully,  we will consider choosing  all of them and many,  many more positive  and  character related positions.   American historical piety,  Constitutional principles,  exceptionalism,  and entrepreneurship ~ all need to come  to the forefront again.   We  need  character  and  principles,  not  politically  correct  platitudes.   We  trust  this  polemic  poem  will  receive  wide  usefulness  and  circulation.