Stomping In Ignorant Defiance, On the American Flag

Stomping In Ignorant Defiance, On the American Flag

This  POEM  is  written  as a Patriotic Editorial. It is a rebuke against  the  disrespectful, ignorant,  trampling  on  the American  Flag.  Though  we believe in free speech,  we are appalled  at  the  disrespectful, ignorant,  and  foolish  speech. We express our free speech to thank every Veteran who has fought  that our  flag  may fly over the land of the free!  The poem illustrates the Iwo Jima imagery     (continued below)

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Stomping In Ignorant Defiance,  On the American Flag,  20 lines

(continued from above)     of  U.S. Marines  holding  the  American  Flag  up.    The poem closes:    "Such ignorant defiance,    Ought to be held in contempt,    By our free speech alliance,    Millions now ~ ought to preempt."     The  poem  is  designed  in  the  shape  of  the  Liberty Bell.  

Editors additional note:   Desecrating  the  American  Flag  is  incredibly  ignorant  and  defiant, though  it  is  protected  by  the  First  Amendment.   Free  speech  sometimes,  turns  into  unwise  speech, and  in  this  case  utterly  blind!  

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