The American Revolution, The Splendid Achievement Of Liberty

The American Revolution, The Splendid Achievement Of Liberty

This POEM is bulging with vital information of  the  American  Revolutionary War. It mentions their  wise  preparations,  their patriotic  zeal,   the  clarion  call  to  arms,  and  of  General Washington's  greatness, zeal, and  indefatigable  spirit.  It describes  the  crucial,  first major  offensive  and  victory, of  the  surprise attack  of  the American  Army  at  the  Battle of  Trenton,  after the  crossing of  the  Delaware. 

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The American Revolution, The Splendid Achievement Of Liberty,  4 pages, 64 lines

(continued from above)  It eludes to the tedious times and deprivations that were met by their tenacious spirit.   It cites the winter at Valley Forge,  and tells of the deplorable conditions  and their perseverance.   The 12th couplet shows their response:   "The impassioned stress ~ hard to bear ~ wore on and on,    So testing and trying men's brave souls to their utmost height,    Washington persistently pressed the early dawn,    With his many petitions to receive Heaven - sent might."    The 14th couplet shows the great spirit of Washington as follows:    "With a spirit that was higher ~ unwilling to bend,    He methodically labored ne'er ceasing to fight,    Always believing, with earnestness, that in the end,    That this cause was of God ~ His divine providence ~ and light."    A great read for all,  especially students  and historians.

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