Driving Impaired, Cell Phones, Booze, And Drowsiness

Driving Impaired, Cell Phones, Booze, And Drowsiness

This poem is a wake up call to give all your attention to driving when you are driving.  It condemns drinking and driving, rebukes drowsiness, and appeals to each one (author included) to not be texting while driving.    Once you take a life by recklessly driving it can never be brought back.  This is good for public health as well as personal health.  (continued below) 

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Driving Impaired, Cell Phones, Booze, And Drowsiness,  2 pages, 40 lines

(continued from above)    The 5th couplet reads:   "When you operate your automobile,   It takes all of your senses bright and keen,   From your own attentiveness not to steal,   By letting an impairment make you lean."    The 6th couplet  talks about the eyes  being watchful  in every way.    The 7th couplet continues (about the eyes):    "To so blur them through booze or drowsiness,   Or keep them fix'd to a text on a phone,   Isn't too smart ~ even they must confess,   And becomes recklessness not to condone."      Common sense already tells us to drive defensively,  but we need offensive driving too.    A good reminder to us all.     Please put this poem into the hands of every teenager you know.