The College Of Folly Course Folly 101 (Satirical Rebuke)

The College Of Folly, Course ~ Folly 101 (Satirical Rebuke)

This  POEM  is  first  in  a series of  The College Of Folly poems, graduating  to  the  next year's course,  Folly  201,  301,  401, on  to  a  Master's Degree.  It is a satire to bebuke  the modern day arrogance  of  professorial snobbery disdaining such clear Christian  values  and  deeply held  faith.  It  begins  with  the tearing down belief in Creation, in  God,  and  the   tearing down of  authority.  It  tells  of  their desire to change  the  student's worldview  for  their  teaching.   (continued  below)

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The College Of Folly, Course ~ Folly 101 (Satirical-Rebuke),  20 lines

(continued from above)   It  instructs  the  impressionable  student  to  be  open  minded  and  receptive  to  their  vain  ideas.   The fifth couplet closes:  "Hired are the best to teach,    Socialistic and jolly,    No need to jeer or impeach,    In the College Of Folly."   This is written as a satirical rebuke  against such ignorance and folly,  and yet sadly,  is true is many secular universities today.    Caving in to political correctness,  social pressures,  and financial pressures,  have forsaken truth for idolatry.  Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools exchanging the truth for a lie.