Wounded Soldier, Your LIFE Is NOT Over

Wounded Soldier, Your LIFE Is NOT Over

This poem is given to honor our wounded soldiers and challenge them to keep going, yea, go farther than ever before. The unique platform of a broken body with the aura of a positive attitude speaks volumes.  The fourth couplet reads:  "To be positive in your shape,  Is a depth of courage display'd,  It bears its own heroic drape,  It is true character portray'd."     (continued below)  

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Wounded Soldier, Your LIFE Is NOT Over,  20 lines   

(continued from above)    Your strong example will help others to make it in life.   Wounded soldiers have so much still to give.   Life is not futile and vain.  America still needs you to keep going over the crest.   Wounded warriors,  we salute you!   Be patient and pursue!   An important read for all.  We would urge you to give this poem to every wounded soldier as an added hope and challenge.  

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