Undying Valor Of The 9/11 Firemen

Undying Valor Of The 9/11 Firemen

Holding in the highest esteem and honor these selfless firefighters who rushed into harms way to rescue those in horrific peril.  This poem captures the true character of these courageous heroes who gave their all.  America must never forget but always remember their sacrifice. (continued below)

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Undying Valor Of The 9/11 Firemen,  2 pages, 28 lines  

(continued from above)   The third couplet reads:   "Off to the rescue,   Into the deep gloom,   Such passionate hue,   Their valor exhume."   The 7th couplet reads:   "Theirs is a portrait of love,   A grand tapestry,   Like that above,   To set people free."    Truly theirs was/is undying valor.   Our deepest respect to these great American heroes!    We trust that this poem will honor the memory of these men who displayed courage in the raw.