Socialism Ensnares, The American Dream Dares

Socialism Ensnares, The American Dream Dares

This poem exposes socialism as an arrogant snare, pushing its way around, though faulty and weak.  It describes its tactics and blind reasoning to dupe the masses of people to embrace dependency's incorrect view.  It upholds hard work , and the hard work ethic, labeling governmental subsidies as a curious malady. (continued below)   

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Socialism Ensnares, The American Dream Dares,  2 pages, 36 lines

(continued from above)    It states that bigger crooks produce little crooks through an anesthetized scheme.   It closes:   " 'Tis the pursuit of happiness,   Not the plunder of one's neighbor,   By hard work diligently press,   By the sweat of one's own labor."    Please help us to get these poems out into many hearts to stir for good old fashioned dignity, hard work, and patriotism.  Thanks!