A Lifelong Friend

A Lifelong Friend

While having a visit with my 90 year old mother,  she  showed me a letter from a 94 year old lady that has been  a  life-long friend from grade-school.  I said to my mother,  "We ought to write a poem and send to her." In the next half hour we wrote:  " A  LIFELONG  FRIEND"  in honor  of  their  friendship.  I asked my mother about a word or two,  for her input which was somewhat hit and miss. (continued below)  

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A Lifelong Friend,  20 lines

(continued from below)     Then I reread the poem to her,  to which she queried  in amazement ,  "Did we write that?"   I said,   "Yep,  we sure did!   We mailed  a designed copy  of the poem  to her friend.     The Poem closes:    "Friendship lasts forever,    When one knows the dear Lord,    Naught on earth can sever,    When founded on His Word."