A Three Year Old's Question. Julia, To Senator Cruz

A Three Year Old's Question, Julia, To Senator Cruz

This poem tenderly editorializes the true endearing story of Senator Ted Cruz giving a political speech from his heart, and a sweet 3 year old girl repeats what she heard him say, "The world is on fire?" She looks at him in a positive manner as a fireman to put out the fire.  The poem elaborates on character traits of this little girl,  and Senator Ted Cruz's courteous and kind expressions.  (continued below)

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A Three Year Old's Question,  Julia, To Senator Cruz,  2 pages,  28 lines

(continued from above)    It also mentions  how the liberal news  and press seizes  upon  the  episode  with  their jaded spin!    They blatantly lied about the episode  (what else is new).   Senator Cruz  didn't terrify  a 3 year old girl!    We salute Julia  for her tentativeness,  at the age of three,  to pick up on  the heart  of Senator Cruz's message!    Bravo Julia!   Bravo Senator Cruz!    Bravo,  Julia's mother,  Michelle!     She said,  "Senator Cruz didn't scare my daughter."   We just had to write  an editorial poem  immediately  upon hearing  this episode.    Hot  off  the  poet's  quill !!!    Read and enjoy!