A True Leader, Benjamin Netanyahu

A True Leader, Benjamin Netanyahu

This poem is to honor a true leader, The Prime Minister of The State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.  The poem elaborates on his character and passion for Israel.  Israel's our Friend.  It mentions that he holds Israel's safety in his hand and that he is good as gold. The fourth couplet reads:   "He speaks what is true,   He speaks from the heart,   Survival it's hue,   Wisdom to impart."   (continued below)

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A True Leader, Benjamin Netanyahu,  24 lines

(continued from above)    Prime Minister Netanyahu is most courageous,  bold,  and a true defender of his land,  The State of Israel.    From Jerusalem  to Washington, D.C. ,  Prime Minister Netanyahu  spoke  to the U.S. Congress   March 3, 2015.    We wanted to write this poem   as our support of him   and his bold leadership of Israel,   and his bold example  in the world today!    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.   Shalom!     The poem closes:   "Israel must stand,   It must never fail,   The State that's grand,   May God's will prevail."