True Leaders Change The World

True Leaders Change The World

This poem lists character traits of leaders couplet after couplet which drive leaders to excellence.  It mentions such things as:  "following a different drum beat,  reach for success, willing to risk,  willing to dare, and press toward the mark of excellence."  It emphasizes their hard work,  compassion,   splendid philanthropy,  and of serving others.               (continued below)

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True Leaders Change The World,  2 pages,  32 lines

(continued from above)    The 5th couplet proclaims:   "Though they face unbelievable struggle,   And seemingly all at them is hurled,    They are flexible and learn to juggle,   By their hard work for good ~ they change the world."   True leadership stands for what is right, and does what is truly good for the most people.  The poem then tells of the greatest leader the world has ever known.  Giving the last three couplets to describe how the whole world was changed thereby.